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Assistive technology

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Assistive technology is an awning appellation that includes assistive, adaptive, and antidotal accessories for humans with disabilities and aswell includes the action acclimated in selecting, locating, and application them. Advantageous technology promotes greater ability by enabling humans to achieve tasks that they were aforetime clumsy to accomplish, or had abundant adversity accomplishing, by accouterment enhancements to, or alteration methods of interacting with, the technology bare to achieve such tasks.
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1 Advantageous technology and adaptive technology
2 Mobility crime and wheelchairs
3 Mobility crime and walkers
4 Personal emergency acknowledgment systems
5 Accessibility software
6 Advantageous technology for beheld impairment
7 Augmentative and another communication
8 Advantageous technology for cognition
9 Prosthesis
10 Advantageous technology in sport
11 Computer accessibility
12 Home automation
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Assistive technology and adaptive technology[edit]
The appellation adaptive technology is generally acclimated as the analogue for advantageous technology, however, they are altered terms. Advantageous technology refers to "any item, section of equipment, or artefact system, whether acquired commercially, modified, or customized, that is acclimated to increase, maintain, or advance anatomic capabilities of individuals with disabilities",[citation needed] while adaptive technology covers items that are accurately advised for bodies with disabilities and would hardly be acclimated by non-disabled persons. In added words, "assistive technology is any article or arrangement that increases or maintains the capabilities of humans with disabilities," while adaptive technology is "any article or arrangement that is accurately advised for the purpose of accretion or advancement the capabilities of humans with disabilities."[1] Consequently, adaptive technology is a subset of advantageous technology. Adaptive technology generally refers accurately to cyberbanking and advice technology access.[2]

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