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Main article: Prosthesis
A prosthesis, prosthetic, or prosthetic limb is a accessory that replaces a missing physique part. It is allotment of the acreage of biomechatronics, the science of application automated accessories with animal muscle, skeleton, and afraid systems to abetment or enhance motor ascendancy absent by trauma, disease, or defect. Prostheses are about acclimated to alter locations absent by abrasion (traumatic) or missing from bearing (congenital) or to supplement abnormal physique parts. Inside the body, bogus affection valves are in accepted use with bogus hearts and lungs seeing beneath accepted use but beneath alive technology development. Other medical accessories and aids that can be advised prosthetics cover audition aids, bogus eyes, palatal obturator, belly bands, and dentures.
Prostheses are accurately not orthoses, although accustomed assertive affairs a prosthesis ability end up assuming some or all of the aforementioned abettor allowances as an orthosis. Prostheses are technically the complete accomplished item. For instance, a C-Leg knee abandoned is not a prosthesis, but alone a prosthetic component. The complete prosthesis would abide of the adapter arrangement to the balance limb — usually a "socket", and all the adapter accouterments apparatus all the way down to and including the terminal device. Keep this in apperception as classification is generally interchanged.
The agreement "prosthetic" and "orthotic" are adjectives acclimated to call accessories such as a prosthetic knee. The agreement "prosthetics" and "orthotics" are acclimated to call the corresponding affiliated bloom fields. The accessories themselves are appropriately referred to as "prostheses" and "orthoses" in the plural and "prosthesis" and "orthosis" in the singular.

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